Wall Street Broker Becomes A Monk

"A former Wall Street broker has swapped Manhattan for a monastery in Bulgaria to become an Orthodox monk. . . .

'Many people ... in the world do not realise that they have not earned the food they eat, that they take without giving,' said Mr Mishkov, 32, who worked for Karoll, one of Bulgaria's leading brokerages.

'But if someone consumes more than they have earned, it means someone else is starving.'

His colleagues were stunned when he decided to become a monk, but he had made up his mind to seek spiritual well-being rather than material wealth.

'Everybody can be a good broker but this does not bring much benefit for the world,' he said.

'We always search for happiness in the outside world, in material things, which makes us constantly unsatisfied, angry with ourselves and the world.' " More Bookmark and Share

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