I Think, Therefore I Write

In the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, an almost totally paralyzed patient dictates his memories to his therapist using the only means of communication he has left: blinking. Soon, an eyelid will not be needed.

DIZ SENTENS IS WRUTEN WID TAUGHTS. Or, this sentence is written with thoughts. Thoughts can now write sentences, a huge help for the paralyzed or armless. Though it is misspelled, soon your thoughts will be able to form correctly spelled sentences.

Consider it again. DIZ SENTENS IS WRUTEN WID TAUGHTS: "that little sentence is like a little miracle. The old dream of mind-reading is slowly becoming reality -- though this time around it is the product of machines rather than the minds of fiction writers."

"The advances are tremendous," says Christoph Guger, the developer of a brain-reading system. "In the past, you would have had to train for days. Today, entering text takes only a few minutes."

"Guger is an engineer and a businessman. But with his hair falling past his jacket's collar, he looks the part of a start-up entrepreneur. Still, he is certainly not new to the business."

Niels Birbaumer "has been trying to teach people with physical handicaps to control their wheelchairs or prosthetic limbs using only the power of thought."

"But what happens if the day comes when we actually are able to drive cars -- or even fly fighter jets -- using our thoughts alone? The US Department of Defense finds this vision so promising that it has already invested $4 million (€2.8 million) to develop a certain kind of telepathy. The goal of the project -- dubbed 'Silent Talk' -- is to enable soldiers to communicate with each other 'on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analyis of neural signals'." More

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