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You are fortunate to be living in our modern world of technology and science. You need not be troubled by the deep thoughts of Greek philosophers such as Aristotle, who wrote pages about happiness that are difficult to understand and waste much of your valuable time. We can put you on the road to happiness tomorrow. Be your true, happy self!

The ancient Greeks did not live in our computer age of lightning-fast information. They posed slow questions that took them years to answer. The questions to our modern ears even seem downright silly. For example, they asked, What makes up happiness? Or, How does it differ from pleasure? What is The Good Life? How does it contribute to happiness?

Not only that, for the Greeks in general, and Aristotle in particular, happiness had to do with the conduct of life. Of course, they lived in the days before Prozac, so we can understand their confusion. Their view of happiness was deeply imbedded in the right way to live, which was why Aristotle titled his major work on the subject Nichomachean Ethics. Happiness had to do with right behavior in a broad sense. You might spend years trying to figure out what that means, and time is money.

The Greeks took such questions to an extreme. For them, the question of The Good Life raised a prior one: What is the Good? For Plato, it was harmony in the parts of a man’s soul. Modern science has laid to rest such quaint notions as the soul. Aristotle had a more practical view, allying the Good with experience, not the soul, and what a man could achieve as virtue in this life, wherein the highest virtue was the contemplative life. But in our hurried age, who has time for contemplation. Here at Shift Demographics, Inc we have just the solution for you.

We can shift your demographic data to make you happier. Here’s how it works.

You call us and we send you a Happiness Test. The test assigns your HQ, or Happiness Quotient. It surveys information such as the following, but not limited to them:
  • Marital status
  • Income bracket
  • Residential Zip Code
  • House cost
  • Education level
  • Children/no children
    You take the survey and receive your HQ in the mail. If you want to raise your HQ, here are just a few examples. We show you how to get:
  • Married/divorced
  • Ask for a raise
  • Move to a fancier neighborhood
    Only $19.95. Hurry while survey supplies last. Simply call our toll-free number, below, to order your Happiness Kit. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Call 1-800-JOY-FULL. Please have your Visa or Master Card ready. Offer not valid in North Dakota, Germany, or Lubbock, Texas.

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