Poppa Neutrino is Underway

From the Mexican province of Baja California, David Pearlman, known as Poppa Neutrino, with his raftmate Joel, left Rancho Percebu on his raft, Island Rooster. On 26 February 2006, the raft headed south out of the Sea of Cortez, and into the Pacific. With weather perfect, and naturally warm, the sea was calm, and windless, so Island Rooster could not sail, but had to use its motor. Many people showed up to see him off. He waved to a crowd of well-wishers as he left shore with the noon tide.

Poppa Neutrino's raft is made of scrap wood. He plans to sail Island Rooster to China. His plans include a stop at Loreto in Baja California, on his way to Cabo San Lucas, at the foot of the Baja peninsula. In Cabo San Lucas he will make final preparation for the voyage to China as beyond Cabo lies the immense and unfriendly Pacific Ocean.

Neutrino has been written about in New Yorker magazine and National Geographic has done a special on him. Ebay has a page wherein a company is working to get sponsors for his trip.

A friend, Arie Taal, had this to say about him, "It was great to see the old sea gipsy again, 72 years old now and still crazy." Of his trip to visit Neutrino Taal wrote, "The Sea of Cortez is blue and beautiful. The landscape is desert-like. This place has the largest variety of cacti in the world. What surprised us was the huge number of cars that went off the road down into the ravine. They seem to leave them there as a warning for other drivers. Our bus driver did not seem impressed. He drove so dangerously, overtaking other cars in corners with no view at all, that we decided to stop watching him, and look the other way." More

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