The Third Man Factor

Charles Lindbergh heard the Third Man on his 1928 transAtlantic flight, New York to Paris. James Sevigny heard the Third Man when he was tumbled two thousand feet by an avalanche, his back broken. "Most of the people who've encountered the Third Man aren't mystics," says John Geiger, "a senior fellow at the University of Toronto and governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society." A NASA astronaut heard him, as well as explorer Ernest Shackleton, who coined the "Third Man" term. They have been religious as well as atheists.

Ron "DiFrancesco was working in the World Trade Center's south tower on September 11 when the building was hit by a hijacked plane. He was trapped on the 91st floor of the 110-story building, gasping for air as the smoke and flames closed in.

He was about to pass out when he sensed someone near him. Then he heard a male voice. He says it told him to get up, and it guided him through a maze of hazards to safety.

DiFrancesco was the last person to get out of the south tower before it fell. . . ."

Not religious, Sevigny says "If it wasn't for the Third Man, I would be dead". . . . "There's no way that I would have the strength to get up and walk across that valley and do the things I did to survive." More

John Geiger, The Third Man Factor

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