Upload Your Mind To A Computer: It Beats The Alternative

You are driving 65 miles per hour, you are drunk, and your dog growls as she does every time she smells alcohol on your breath and you go over 60, but you are too drowsy to notice. Then it happens. That brick wall just leaped out into the middle of the highway.

If you awaken in the hospital you would learn that your car is totaled, and so is your head.

But you don't. You are brain dead. You are S.O.L., or sh*t out of luck, as my friend Louie would say.

Don't despair, though. Maybe you can survive drinking and driving if you wait a while. If you hold on until science figures out how to upload your mind into a computer. Then, if you hit a brick wall, your "you" will have been digitized. All that science needs to do is this: "Scientists must learn to extract your memories, feelings, values and beliefs in all their complex working relationships from your brain. Then they must be able to create a medium where you can thrive without your birth body." That shouldn't be too difficult, so wait a couple of years before you go on your next binge. . . . More at Obit.

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