Andrew Newberg: Why God Won't Go Away

Andrew Newberg, M.D., finds in his research evidence that the God factor is hard-wired into the brain so that religion and spirituality are likely to be with the human species for a very long time.

Newberg studies the brain and takes an approach against the mainstream. Rather than dismiss it as irrelevant in matters scientific, he sees the God factor as deeply embedded in the brain's wiring. Eighteenth Century thinkers said that the universe is a great machine, with perhaps a prime mover, but with the universe in motion that mover (God) is no longer needed. They expected history to vindicate them. Two hundred years later, religion and spirituality have not receded from public consciousness but instead are as strong as ever. Here is a video titled "God, Reality and Everything." Part 1 of 2

Click here for Part 2.

Read another take on the issue: Born Believers: How Your Brain Creates God.

The Mail has an update on god spot research.

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