Scientologists: Because of Psychiatrists 9/11 Happened

Psychiatrists Caused 9/11 According to Scientologists.

It's all in the twisted ways that shrinks make us think about our minds, according to Scientologists. Never mind that founder L. Ron Hubbard once bragged that a person could get rich inventing his own religion. (He did invent one and he did get rich.) His own son testified in court that the religion is fraudulent. The son about his father in a legal document: "He is a fraud and has always been a fraud." The son also stated, "The stated representations are all false. He never obtained degrees from those universities, or ever served in combat. He was relieved of duty three times as being unfit, and ended up in a psychiatric hospital at the end of the war."

An FBI document states that psychiatrists diagnosed Hubbard as paranoid-schizophrenic and that he wrote the FBI complaining about his wife as well as alleged communists, one of whom allegedly broke into his apartment and stuck a hypodermic needle into his heart, inducing coronary thrombosis and electric shock.

The title for this post comes from a video link. In an interview, a Scientology spokesman blamed 9/11 on psychiatrists. I had the link below, which I have replaced with its picture. In other words, it doesn't work. Because somebody taped an interview and dared to call it for what it was--bullshit--the video was pulled by Scientology from YouTube, claiming a copyright for the "Church's" Axiom 10 Productions. They follow the precept of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard--strike hard and fast at your enemies.



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