The wild child. Feral cats and feral dogs are domestic animals who have returned to living in the woods, or who grew up there. In myth, the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were raised by a wolf. In fact, feral children have grown up with minimal human contact, or none at all. They may have been raised by animals (often wolves, a "community"-oriented animal) or somehow survived on their own. Here is link to a piece on feral children in Mind Shadows.

As in the case of Genie, they are confined and denied normal social interaction with other people.
Strapped to a potty-chair in her home in Temple City, Los Angeles, California, Genie wasn't taught to speak, and was denied normal human interaction.

In Siberia, the Russian government has discovered another such child.

"Feral' child barks and hisses after being raised as a pet. A 'feral' five-year-old girl who hisses and barks after being forced by her family to live as one of their many pets has been rescued from a home in far eastern Russia. More

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