The Christian Church From Its Roots in Jesus Christ

Mind Shadows The Christian Church From Its Roots in Jesus Christ

Like it or leave it, Christianity erupted into history. Its growth was not glacial, not evolutionary. Various reasons have been given for the phenomenon. True Believers say God. Historians say Emperor Constantine. Whatever our view, we take the life of Christ for granted, without asking important questions about it. Some questions in the list below are obvious, others less so, but answers to each reveal stunning new information about Christ and help us empirically understand how his teachings became a religion.
  • Who was Jesus?
  • What do we know about his life and times?
  • What was the culture he grew up in?
  • Were his beginnings as humble as we have come to believe?
  • Why did he not preach in towns?
  • What was the Council of Nicea?
  • What was the compromise over circumcision?
  • Were the early Christians persecuted for their religion or for another reason?
  • What did Jesus actually say as distinct from what the Bible says about him?
  • The relatively recent discoveries of the Nag Hammadi scrolls add to his sayings. What do they add?
  • How did the Jesus Movement become a religion?

  • If you really want to understand the practices of modern Christianity as well as its roots and doctrines, you can find no better site than this one, so click here.

    Also see What Did Jesus Look Like? 28 June 2005, for a forensic reconstruction of his face.

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