From DNA & Consciousness to Snorts, Sighs, & Happiness

  • All DNA does is unzip into another form: here is a genetic/cellular argument that nothing dies, nor is born, and all is part of one life. There is only one life, and it is shared by all human beings.
  • So you are bored? Try Studies on Consciousness, Cognition, and Life. Take your pick: The nature of consciousness; the nature of Mind; the philosophy of mind; Neurobiology, Theoretical physics.
  • "Human history can be understood as a long, unbroken sequence of snorts and sighs and other self-modifications of our mental states." Love? Ambition? Heroism? And you thought there was something noble in it? (I still do.)
  • A grab bag of books on happiness revealed this statement: "A full forty percent of the capacity for happiness is within your power to change." Really? And on what verifiable data is this statement based? Sounds more like an academic version of Oprah Winfrey to me.
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