Mind Shadows      The Battle of The Bladders Between North & South Korea Will Go Down In History?

North and South Korea once held a meeting that went on for eleven hours. The tension was thick and nobody had thought to schedule bathroom breaks. Neither side budged from their chairs; instead, they kept legs tightly crossed. The meeting became known as "The Battle of The Bladders."

That is an amusing historical anecdote but there is nothing humorous about the North Korean threat. North Korea has one of the world's largest arsenals of biological and chemical weapons. It has stockpiles of anthrax, cholera, and plague. Now it has tested a nuclear bomb. It recently has test-launched missiles.

Many analysts take all this saber-rattling not as merely a kind of muscle-flexing but as a sign of Kim Jong Il's depth of worry and sense of weakness. His psychology should be a chief concern to the Bush administration because it says something about the stability of his regime. They should consider what would happen within days or hours to Asia and the world if his regime collapses. Economically it is already teetering with North Korean generals waiting in the wings and China next door. . . . More


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