Mind Shadows      Earth As Seen By Cassini From Saturn

You can see where we live if you follow the two margin marks (bottom & right hand) to an imaginary point where they intersect. That's us at the pale blue dot between two of Saturn's rings. (Earth is magnified in the inset image and the smudge at its upper left is the moon).

Look at the pale blue dot, and then think of the politics, wars, and rumors of wars here under its atmosphere. People sit reading blogs as Earth rotates on its axis at 1000 mph at the Equator, yet they do not fly off in to space. One of the universe's weaker forces, gravity, holds them in their chairs. Earth annually orbits the sun at 67,000 mph and we think nothing of it, as if the ground we stand on is stationary. We take our daily problems quite seriously, yet sixty miles above us is nothing but the black infinitude of space.


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