Mind Shadows      A "Stone Age Hunter" on Autism in Modern Society

"Tjiniman" comments on what he saw in a big city. "Tucson is a great city of walls and concrete and motor cars. There are broad walkways with no people walking in them and public spaces with no children playing. There is no one to read the notices, which say 'No skateboarding'. Some white anthoropologists have described the way I think as primitive, emotional, concrete, operational, primary process, child-like or pre-logical . . . But I have now studied your science and found words to describe the way you think, which is culturally-induced secondary autism. You value object intelligence over social intelligence and technology over the arts; you teach your children the three Rs much too young when they should be playing and learning to be conscious and you do not believe anything you can not see touch, or measure. Even your old men dress up like John Lennon because they do not know who they really are. . . . . " More. For other essays from Journal of Consciousness Studies, click here.


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