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An underground phenomenon, What the #$!%* Do We Know!? is a film that has earned $11 million in screenings. It has birthed a secondary market of books, tote bags, clothes, jewelry, and DVD's. This winter What The Bleep, Down The Rabbit Hole, an expanded version played in theaters to audiences, and will surely also feed the secondary market. The movie has finished a two month run in New York. In May it will be screened in Ubud, Bali, at a conference, Quest for Global Healing. Desmond Tutu and Walter Cronkite will be among the attendees.

What the bleep is all this about? I saw the video of the first movie, and must confess, I don't know. New Age? Yes. Feel good? That too. When I say I don't know, I mean that it claims to use science to support a lot of blather about the mind's ability to change the world.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that the standard scientific paradigm omits much. Anybody who seriously explores consciousness will come to the same conclusion. I do not believe, however, that flimsy evidence makes your fondest wishes about your hidden powers come true. Stuff happens in this world, and you are not able to change it.

The movie was produced by apparently well-heeled followers of J.Z. Knight, an American woman who claims to be the channel for Ramtha, a warrior who lived 35,000 years ago. The woman appears often in it, speaking in a husky, off-putting European-accented voice, as if ancient warriors talked that way. She marvels at how a man's thought can produce his erection.

I found it interesting not for its spiel, but for some of its explanations of molecular biology and quantum physics. Nicely funded, it did employ some quite capable, intelligent scientists, as well as some who had far more shakey credentials. More


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