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For those who are into this kind of thing, Chris Langan is one of the smartest people in America—his reported IQ is said to be off the charts. Yet, if it's a criterion of anything at all, he has not made it big in the business world. More
When German U Boats attacked and sank two Mexican ships, Mexico joined the Allies against the Axis in 1942 but, because of inadequate equipment and material, not until 1944 did President Camacho decide to send a Mexican military unit into battle. Under Col. P.A. Antonio Cardenas Rodriguez (1905-1969) the 201st Fighter Squadron was formed.

Squadron 201 was an elite, all-volunteer unit composed of the best military pilots and ground personnel in Mexico, recruited from all branches of the service.

Known as The Aztec Eagles, the squadron was assigned to the Pacific Theater and flew P 47 Thunderbolts, powerful and fast, affectionately known by pilots as jugheads . They flew 59 combat missions. Here are links for information:
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