Zen Fighter Planes and WWII

Mind Shadows_____Zen Fighter Planes and WWII

On Zen as another social structure that supports its status quo: One. Are Buddhists pacifists? For the Japanese WW2 war effort, of Zen Buddhists, the Soto sect raised money for 2 fighter planes; the Rinzai, for 3. (From Brian Victoria) Two. During WW2, Kanzeon, bodhisattva of compassion, was renamed Kanzeon Shogun by the Japanese (Jesus General). (From Brian Victoria) Three. In DT Suzuki’s works, Japanese Zen has no clear moral position. Suzuki says that Japanese Zen teaches to merge with circumstances and be loyal. Hence, if you work for Tojo, Hitler, Mussolini, or Franco, be a good fascist and don't make waves.

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